February 26, 2015

Trust, assymetry is balance
How could it be otherwise
Lean beneath the shine and
Gesture as you welcome
The inchoate and ambitious
Greeted by shades of laughter
Present company accepting what might
Go otherwise headlong and unloved

He held last light in dirty fingers
Begged a calculation from the wood
Standing watch over the yellow globe
Faces buried beneath the earth
Wedged between then and now
Hinging the light to a clear burn
And waking fresh to bacon and diesel
Covering ground untouched by human hands

December 13, 2012

See us as we see ourselves
How many versions of ourselves walk the earth
Seeking authentication
The garden anticipating the vine
The footsteps
The many splendored possibility
What will stay
What will go
Our pockets filled with blossoms
Each lighting a branch
We choosing, not choosing,
considering, discarding
Shaving, grafting,
Shaping by marking
a space we do not know

October 24, 2011

September 24, 2011

September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

I am an instrument of reason
Untouched by human hands
Dark to hallucination
Impartial to fortune

Prone to lie down
As dogs lie down
Before the majesty
Of ice cream

Transparent to children
Opaque to wisdom
Immune to suggestion
Impenetrable to faith

Like you and not like you
Half here and half aware
The difference between
Why and Wyoming

March 24, 2011

Managing the obligations of family life, I have never felt more clearly the connection between my love for my children and my love for my parents. I watch as they each grow older and the spectre of boundless potential and inevitable loss is often overwhelming. The feeling is amplified by the recursive set of relations - parent to child, child to grand parent, parent to parent, etc. It is impossible to look in one direction and see merely one thing. I see my parents in myself, myself in my children, my children in my parents. We are all at once the same age, facing the same challenges, and offering our best answers.

November 29, 2010


my new tape In The Noon and Other Songs is coming out on cryptic carousel

update 1/27 - paypal henryhynes@verizon.net $5 for a copy

recorded 2009-10 at my house, alone, lonely, hot. most songs recorded this past August, others from last fall and winter. it's also a double cassette.


There may or may not be another, untitled tape coming out on Neon Blossom tapes out of Chicago. this tape can also be called "Cop Car Tape" it ever comes out.

lastly, Liz Berg wrote a nice piece on me for the free music archive, which I worked at a little over the summer in WFMU

link - http://freemusicarchive.org/curator/WFMU/blog/Bedroom_jams_by_Henry_Hynes

happy holidays, Henry

P.S. If you happen to be in Princeton this weekend, my Dad and I plus a couple special guests are playing a low-key set tomorrow (12/26) night in Princeton at the Alchemist and Barrister on Whitherspoon street. It is supposed to snow. see you there.

May 18, 2010

THE PORTAL official release

--- "collected four track meditations 2006 - 2010" ---
should be available soon available now through the cryptic carousel site I'll also have copies at upcoming shows and via email henryhynes[at]gmail[dot]com

here's a portal track that hasn't been posted previously... Jamming For The Jungle

cover^^^^ comes in plastic sleeve with some other art, thanks!!!! -henry

home blitz playing at pilam, philly this friday 5/21 with veronica falls, others
check it out!!!

April 18, 2010


stolen by BBC 40 years later for a nature film: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5565437251931896283#

March 27, 2010

THE PORTAL cd-r now available for ordering

collected 4 track recordings 2006-2010
email henryhynes@gmail.com to order a cd-r with unique art for free
coming out soon out now on cryptic carousel

March 5, 2010

first 2 test copies of 'The Portal'

two test copies i gave to friends of....
THE PORTAL ---- almost an hour of collected american guitar music recorded to various four tracks mostly 2009 and 2010
~~~~unique art for the first batch or so~~~~~
email henryhynes@gmail.com for a "preorder"--- will be ready for real order soon, hopefully a cassette release on cryptic carousel soon also

January 12, 2010

more snow gold, bonus video

A couple more copies of Snow Gold for sale.
Corey Bauer, business wizard and head honcho of Cryptic Carousel records passed me them at a recent Home Blitz show in New York!

thanks Corey!!!!
email henryhynes@gmail.com to order

HH video from Bruar Falls 1/4

January 4, 2010

Snow Gold update, HH show tonight

no more copies at the moment, should have more soon


December 22, 2009


Cassette Tape --- $5
Email henryhynes@gmail.com
for a copy
official release/distribution (early 2009) by http://www.crypticcarousel.com/

Listen to samples on myspace.com/henryhynes