December 22, 2009


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December 21, 2009

December 20, 2009

On the Plane to Bermuda

We pull up into the white
We are all going to heaven

At our best, we imagine we
will laugh as the ship goes down
They will come to take our furniture
and we will light it all on fire
and drink Tequila and howl

We will shoplift things
no one needs
and spread them on the lawn
for sale at prices
no one can afford
And people will buy them
And as they go to leave
we will create a small diversion
and slip their money back into their pockets
and smile a knowing smile
which they will later recall
admiring the useless thing
they got for free
Such is life

At our best
we will walk into the woods
unspooling a cassette tape
draping it like tinsel
over passing branches
until it runs out
stopping there to remove all of our clothing
light a fire
and return immediately home
Sitting naked in the kitchen
we'll laugh at the thought
of an unsuspecting visitor
who follows the ribbon and finds the empty apparel
and the embers still burning
and wonders what became of those who blazed the trail
Did they consume themselves in some impossible ritual?
Did they fly to heaven?
Were there clues to their passage in a message
still clinging to the tape?

At our best
we see ourselves
skipping 'Physics as a Liberal Art'
in a borrowed dinghy
without a life jacket
rowing in a light rain
to an island which has beckoned all this time
tucked in a corner of a black lake
we've driven past all these days
arriving like Ponce de Leon to find
beneath a moldering tarp
a television and a tackle box
and laughing
not at the ambiguity
but at the inevitability of it

We will do all these things
because we haven't any alternative
because we know that fortune favors the brave
and the brave can do no wrong

~ Ed Hynes, 11/13/09